JDC Free IT City

privacy policy

Dear Students,

We want to ensure clarity regarding the rules and regulations at JDC FREE IT CITY. Please take note of the following guidelines:

Course Fees: JDC FREE IT CITY does not charge any course fees.

Refundable Deposit: A refundable deposit of Rs. 3000 is required at the time of admission to maintain a sense of responsibility in students.

Attendance and Assignments: Students must maintain a minimum of 80% attendance and complete all assignments and projects within the specified deadlines during the course.

Ethical Behavior: Any form of unethical behavior, will result in immediate termination of the student’s admission.

Deposit Refund: The deposit will be refunded to the student upon fulfilling all the above rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the forfeiture of the deposit.

Final Examination and Certificate: To pass, students must achieve a minimum score of 70% in the final examination. Certificates will only be awarded to students who successfully pass the examination.

We trust that you will comply with these rules to ensure a productive and ethical learning environment at our IT center. Your commitment to these guidelines will not only contribute to your personal growth but also maintain the integrity of our institution.

Thank you for your cooperation.