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CIT Course Outline


CIT Course Includes Below Topics:

  1. Fundamental Introduction to Computer Information Technology (CIT)
  2. Exploration of Software and Hardware
    1. Introduction to Operating Systems
    2. Proficiency in Typing (Including Home, Upper, and Lower Row Keys)
    3. Understanding the Files and Folders System
  3. In-Depth Study of Operating Systems
    1. Hands-on Experience with Windows Installation
    2. Developing Computer Proficiency for Efficient Usage
  4. Effective Utilization of Google Services
    1. Utilizing Chat GPT for Enhanced Productivity
  5. Mastery of Office Productivity Tools
    1. Installation and Mastery of MS Office Suite
    2. Proficiency in Word Processing with MS Word and Google Docs
    3. Competence in Spreadsheet Management with MS Excel and Google Sheets
    4. Skillful Presentation Creation with MS PowerPoint and Google Slides
  6. Graphic Design with Adobe Photoshop
    1. Comprehensive Training in Adobe Photoshop for Graphic Design
  7. Foundations of Web Design
    1. Learning HTML for Web Content Structuring
    2. Gaining Expertise in CSS for Web Page Styling
    3. Exploring JavaScript for Interactive Web Development


Our Best Achievements

JDC IT City offers free information technology courses. we are passionate and driven to leverage our newfound knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the technological infrastructure of Pakistan.

We have already successfully accomplished various projects that demonstrate our abilities in programming languages, web development, problem-solving, etc. Our achievements have only inspired us further to do more for our country.

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